Why Refinance?

Why Refinance?

Whether your mortgage is with us or another lender, we can help. Here are common reasons people choose to refinance their property:

Lower Monthly Payment

If you refinance your property, more than likely you are seeking to lower your interest rate or extend your loan term. In either of these cases, your monthly payment would decrease.

Debt Consolidation

Some refinance to borrow the equity available on their property so they can put the extra money down on debt. This consolidates the debt into one payment.

Cash Out

Like debt consolidation, some people refinance the equity available on their property for extra cash, to use to make home improvements or for life’s needs.

Please contact Kim, Tim or Karrie today to discuss options to refinance your mortgage to a lower rate. This is a no obligation consultation and can happen over the phone, email, or in person. We look forward to helping you save money!