Vacation Tips

In a perfect world, we’d all have fully funded vacation accounts. But in reality, most of do not and many of us don’t start thinking about summer vacation until it is time to go. Here are some helpful tips to save for your trip.


  1. Plan. Research your destination and decide how much you will spend on your vacation. Be sure to calculate for even the smallest details. Divide the total up in monthly payments to make it manageable. Take advantage of coupons, special discounts and reward points.
  2. Open a vacation savings account. If the funds are separate you are less likely to dip into them when you need extra cash. Take advantage of budgeting tools. Set up automatic savings so you don’t have to manually transfer or think about it.
  3. Streamline your expenses. Consider cutting back on one or two items. Eat out less. Skip your morning latte. Look for free or lower cost entertainment options. Review your monthly expenses and look for services you no longer are using or could downgrade.
  4. Look for alternative sources of income. Sell your unwanted or unused items. Pick up short term jobs.
  5. Save every day. Create a change jar add your spare change. Be mindful about your everyday purchases. Skip the latte and save! Small changes add up.
  6. Get the whole family involved in tracking and saving. Kids love to track. Let them create a vacation savings chart. Allow them to sell old toys or work for their souvenir money. Let them babysit, dog walk, mow yards etc. This is a great way to teach your children about money.

Start taking action to your affordable vacation.