Ten Ways To Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you are getting ready to sell your home, having an assessment coming up or just have pride in home ownership, curb appeal is key.  It’s the first impression for potential buyers or new neighbors. Keeping up with maintenance for the exterior of your home can also help avoid costly cleaning or maintenance bills down the road. The following 10 projects could help your home make a good first impression and possibly raise its value. 

 1. New siding – Siding replacement may provide great value at resale. New siding can range in cost, but homeowners may be able to recoup as much as 76 percent of that investment. Make sure you look for a siding solution that fits with your city’s climate. 

 2. Well-maintained lawn – Brown grass or a front lawn that hasn’t been mowed in weeks may not bother you, but it likely bothers those around you. Consider using grass seed or a sod tile to fix rough patches in your lawn, and mow at least once a week during the months where your grass is growing quickly.

 3. Clean windows – Maintaining clean windows is a quick and easy project that could go a long way toward transforming the look of your home. A clean window allows more natural light to come through, which will improve the look (and feel!) of your home’s interior as well! 

4. Clean driveway – This is another project with a potentially big reward. Renting a pressure washer is generally a low-cost investment that could significantly improve the look of an older driveway. If your driveway is starting to crack or discolor, consider resealing the blacktop.

5. Exterior lighting – Adding low-voltage lighting to your landscaping can provide security and increase the appeal of the property after dark. It may also act as a deterrent for someone considering breaking into your home or garage.  

6. New front door – Installing a new front door improves the energy efficiency and livability of a house. 

 7. New garage door – The average ROI of a garage door replacement is 87 percent, according to the NARI Report. Investing in a new garage door is a smart choice for homeowners, especially if the garage is a prominent feature of the house.  

8. Energy-efficient windows – Window replacement can be pricey, but it works in two major ways. First, it can make the home look more appealing inside and out. Second, it can increase energy efficiency and reduce utility bills. These aesthetic and financial perks may be very appealing to potential buyers. 

 9. Deck or patio – Typically costing less than $35 per square foot, a wooden deck can be a great way to expand living space. Adding a deck is a smart choice because it allows you to expand your living space at a minimal cost. 

 10. Shuttered windows – Shutters may increase the curbside appeal of a home when they complement the home’s design. Available in wood, vinyl, aluminum, composite and fiberglass, you should be able to find the right shutter for your home and your budget.