Spring is here and that means Spring Cleaning! Use these 5 tips to clean up your finances.

1. Dust off your New Year’s Resolutions

Use the fresh energy and renewal of spring to revisit your list of resolutions. What were your budgeting goals? What were your savings dreams? Have you achieved any of those goals? If not, what’s holding you back? Take stock of where you are financially and get back on track, moving forward and toward those goals. It’s not too late to make it happen this year! 

2. Sweep out your monthly budget

Review your spending habits of the last few months. What are your weak spots? Where can you cut back? Have you been allotting too much money for one category and not enough for another? Review your monthly budget and choose one area to trim. Create concrete and realistic steps to make that happen.

3. Freshen up your W-4

Take a closer look at your W-4 so you don’t overpay in taxes. Spend some time researching your best withholding options or ask your accountant to help you work out the numbers. Adjust your W-4 accordingly and submit it to the payroll specialists at your workplace. 

4. Pile up your savings

Once you’re cutting down on your spending habits and taking home a larger check each payday, why not use the extra money to bump up your savings? You can add to an existing fund, build a new one, open a Savings Certificate or start investing. You have many great options! Speak to a First Bank account representative today to find out about our fantastic savings options. And don’t forget to ask us how to set-up automatic payments!

5. Toss your debt

We know that paying down debt is easier said than done. But you can do it! All you need is a plan. Review your debts and pick one to pay off first. It can be the debt with the smallest amount of total owed or the one with the steepest interest rate. Find a way to double down on your payments toward that debt. You can do it by taking on a side hustle, seeking a promotion at work or trimming existing expenses. After you’ve paid down this debt, move onto the next one. Accelerate its payoff by applying the total payment amount from your first debt to the new one – in addition to the regular payment you were making on it. Keep going until they’re all gone. It might take until next spring, but eventually, you’ll kick all of your debt to the curb!