Here are five simple actions you can take for a more secure 2020:

1. Refresh your passwords. January is the perfect time to change your passwords and improve their complexity. Make sure they’re long and strong, and change them every 90 days.
2. Update your software. Turn on automatic updates so that new patches are applied to your devices. Vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems are discovered all the time.
3. Protect your privacy. Update the privacy settings on your social networking accounts, mobile apps and web browsers. Check your privacy settings again after applying application updates.
4. Secure your mobile device. Set your device to auto lock when you’re finished using it; this will also back up your data automatically. Look closely at permissions before installing a new app. Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies only when needed. Keep your private data safe by adding mobile security software.
5. Be smart about wireless connectivity. Use basic precautions to keep your personal information private. Learn how to configure your router to only allow incoming or outgoing traffic that you have approved. Enable encryption when transmitting data so that only the intended recipient is able to read it. Never access a password-protected account over an unsecured wireless connection.