Get Your Backyard Ready For Summer

Summertime is here! For most homeowners, that means sunny days, warmer weather, and more time spent outdoors. You might be planning to host a barbecue and invite friends and family over or to simply relax and soak in some sun rays. Whether you plan to welcome a large party or enjoy some solitude, now’s the time to start getting your back yard ready for the summer.

Creating an awesome outdoor space adds value to your home, but more importantly, it allows you to take full advantage of your house and make great memories that you’ll cherish. You can go all out in making over your back yard or take a modest approach with improvements that will still elevate your experience.

Below we share some ideas to give you inspiration on how to get your back yard ready for summer fun. Whether you take them and run with them, or they spark another idea, we hope they help you make the most out of your back yard.

Power Wash Your Patio or Deck

Cleaning, organizing, and power washing your outdoor surfaces can liven up your yard more than you might realize. You should first clear the space of any debris, sweep it, and then give it a nice deep clean with a power washer.

 Clean or Replace Outdoor Furniture

If you leave your furniture outdoors for an extended period, it can take a toll on those pieces. You may be able to clean the cushions or even replace them with new ones. If the structure of the chair or couch is beginning to look too worn, it might be time to look at replacing it entirely.

Exercise Your Green Thumb

Add plants and flowers.  Your outdoor space needs soothing colors and scents. Neutral, green tones and colorful flowers are always nice.

 Grill and accessories

Almost every summer gathering culminates in sharing a tasty meal. If you’ve got a barbecue setup, you’ll be able to prepare food for your guests while you entertain them and soak up some sunshine. Even if you already have a grill, you can explore accessories or upgrades. After all, we know that guests come for the party and stay for the food.

 Add Cool New Accessories

Maybe your one of the pros that already has a well-designed back yard, so you’re in the market for something fun and new this year. You can explore adding in solar-powered lights, a fire pit for evening gatherings, a hammock, or some outdoor speakers, to name a few. Thanks to your preparedness, you can research and add that finishing touch to reflect your personal interests and style.

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