Debit Card Fraud Prevention

1. Beware of fake websites and online marketplaces that seem legitimate that are designed to trick unsuspecting victims into entering their debit card information to make a purchase

They are often advertised on social media or other genuine websites. When shopping online, only use secure websites that contain “https” in the URL. Be suspicious of deals with unbelievably low prices that seem too good to be true.

2. Use secure Wi-Fi connections

Do not use public or unsecure Wi-Fi when conducting financial transactions.

3. Beware of phone and text scams asking you to enter personal information including debit card information

Some scammers will pose as a financial institution fraud department and trick victims into thinking they have been a victim and ask for personal bank information. If you receive a call from your bank, do not give any information to the individual on the other line. Hang up and call your local banking branch.

4. Always check card readers for skimming devices before inserting or swiping your card

Criminals can install card skimmers on card readers or ATMs that can steal your card data. Check to make sure that the reader hasn’t been tampered with, wiggle to check for loose parts, and, if possible, compare the card terminal to others nearby.

5. Keep your card secure

Always keep your card in a safe, secure place to minimize unauthorized use.

 6. Monitor your account

Review monthly statements or periodically check your account activity thru online banking.

7. Set up text or email alerts

These alerts will help you to spot any unusual activity as soon as it happens.