Bill Pay

Pay your bills online in minutes!

Bill Pay is quicker and easier than writing and mailing paper checks. Plus, with our mobile app you can pay bills on the go!

Pay anyone, anytime.

Pay anyone you would normally pay by check – any company or individual in the U.S. You can pay a company that sends you a bill, like the phone company, or a person or company you owe money to but don’t necessarily receive a bill from, like you lawn mowing service. Or if you are currently paying your bills at company websites you can pay all your bills in one place on one screen. Eliminate the hassle of visiting multiple websites and remembering multiple passwords. You can pay your bills anytime 24/7.

 You’re in control.

Schedule one time or recurring payments from your checking account. Make one time payments for bills that differ each month – like a utility bill. Set up automatic payments for recurring bills – like your mortgage payment. We guarantee your payments will be sent in a secure and safe manner as scheduled, on time, every time provided you have sufficient funds. This eliminates the worry of mailing your payment on the right day to avoid late fees. You can also set up email reminders, manage your bills online and review bill history for 24 months.

 It’s free!

Bill Pay is free of monthly service fees.* Bill Pay also saves you money by eliminating the cost of purchasing checks and stamps.

 How to sign up:

Log in to Online Banking and go to the Move Money tab. Follow prompts.

  1. Set up your payee. Click Add a company or individual to pay button. Select your payee or enter your payee manually by entering your payee name, address and account number. This information can be found on your recent bill.  Once you enter your payee it is saved and will not need to be entered again unless changes occur.
  2. Schedule your payment. Enter the amount and date of your payment. Submit your payment. Confirm your payment.
  3. Your payment is sent. We will deduct the money from your account and send it to the payee, exactly as you instructed.

It’s that easy!  

*Expedited payment service and same day payment is available for a fee.

If you have further questions, you can go to the Help tab or give one of our representatives a call at your local banking center.