10 Financial Tips To Simply Life

If you’re like most people, life seems to get busier and busier. From the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep, something fills every minute of the day. And getting organized? Well that won’t happen any time soon.  But what if there were ten simple ways to make life flow just a little easier and, in some instances, put time back into your day? And what if all ten could also help you manage your money? Well, here are ten tips to do just that.

Set up mobile banking. You may have online banking, but have you downloaded our mobile app to your smartphone? Yes, it’s secure and it means you can do much of your banking in the palm of your hand wherever you are. At work. At a ball game. Or while waiting at the doctor’s office.

  1. Don’t drive to the bank to deposit checks. With our mobile app you have mobile deposit. Simply use your smartphone to take a photo of a check, and within a few taps, your check is on its way to being deposited into your account.
  2. Pay people electronically. If you owe someone money, don’t waste time driving to an ATM for cash or writing and mailing a check. Send a person to person payment using the mobile app on your phone.
  3. Transfer the easy way! Don’t spend time driving from one bank to another. Do you have a checking account at one bank and a loan at another? You don’t have to mail a check or go to the “loan” bank to make a payment. Most banks now enable you to set up an account to account transfer within their online banking, so you can electronically transfer money from one bank to another.
  4. Consolidate and organize your bill payments. If you’re still mailing checks or going to different web sites to pay bills, this bank service can be a huge timesaver. Set all of your bill payments up within online banking. It is much easier to see and pay everything from one place. Plus, if you have a mobile banking app, you can pay bills from there too.
  5. Take advantage of automatic transfers and payments. If you have a set amount of money that is sent regularly to pay a person or bill, or just deposited into another account, schedule it to happen automatically.
  6. Don’t spend time looking for statements. While you may not need a printed copy of a bank statement often, when you do it can be time-consuming to locate one. You could spend time searching your house or driving to the bank to get a copy. Or, if you have signed up for eStatements in online banking, you can easily access and print one. We provide 24-month history of eStatements from the time you sign up.
  7. Stay informed with Alerts/Text Banking. Want to know when your balance falls below $100 or when a deposit hits your account? Alerts/Text Banking allows you to set up alerts or text to manage your money – text commands to 662265.
  8. Use Visa® Debit Card. Visa® Debit Cards make everyday purchases simple and eliminate the need to carry checks. Whether you are purchasing gas, groceries, or withdrawing cash from the ATM, this is the only card you need! Pay and go! Our cards can be used anywhere worldwide where Visa® is accepted: online, over-the-phone or at millions of retail locations nationwide.
  9. Use Card Management. Lost or misplaced your card but don’t have time to look for it right now? Turn your cards on and off with one click in Card Management.
  1. Use Money Management. Access all your accounts in one place – even from other banks. Create a budget within minutes, set up spending targets, check cash flow and stay on budget from the palm of your hand.

If you need assistance setting up any of these services, please give us a call.  It will take a small investment of time up front to set them up, but it will be worth the time you will save in the end.